Becoming a lifelong R learner

This is my second blog reflecting my RStudio::Conf 2020 experience. Check out my previous one on five great R tips I learned.

One of the best thing about R is a thriving R communtiy that constantly offers new packages and tools. For R beginners, There are tons of awesome tutorials on how to get started, but what's next? How do you find out what you don't know, and keep up with all the latest updates? Here are a couple things I found tremendously helpful.

RStudio resources

First, RStudio maintains an awesome resources page with free webinars, videos, and books that cover everything you need from a beginner to an advanced user. All workshop materials from the Rstudio::conf are also posted in this GitHub repo , instructors have also posted summaries at RStudio Education blog .

Screen cast

One thing you could never learn from any tutorials is what to do when things go wrong, because those pre-recorded tutorials (almost) never make mistakes. That's why screencast is a very fun and engaging way to learn how to approach a dataset you have never seen, and how to solve an unexpected problem. Check out these experts’ channels!


This one is simple. Follow those who are tweeting about #rstats ! I have come across so many awesome tricks and tips simply from my daily twitter routine.

Tidy Tuesday

TidyTuesday is an initiative from R4DS community that invites R users to pratice tidyverse tools through a real world dataset every week and share code to learn from each other .

Sifan Liu 刘思凡
Senior Research Analyst, Metropolitan Policy Program

I uses spatial analysis and data science tools to conduct data-driven policy research. I am a certified RStudio Instructor. My research interests include regional policy on innovation, entrepreneurship ecosystem, and economic development.